General tutorial for COTK SHU:

1. Different Types of Buff 

Generally 3 main types of buff

2. Breaking NPC defense and Buff
For those who passed Chaos map, you realize that other than your main hero. Your other heroes started to give very little damage to the NPCs. That is because every NPC has a minimum damage required to cause significant damage. Lets term this as minimum damage required or MDR for short.

There is a MDR for every NPC for every type of attack (ie. STA, TCA and COM).
Some key MDR notes:
God Zhang Fei: (Modified based on ryan stats, red indicates quite firm)
To clear:                                    To farm:    
52k TCA                                    58k TCA 
MH + OI + EX + SJ + Honor Guard
26k COM                                   28.5k COM 
HS + MH + EX+ JY + ZGL

God Guo Jia: 

To clear:                                    To farm:    
62k TCA                                    65k TCA 
MH + OI + EX + SJ + Honor Guard

God Cao Ren: 
To clear:                                    To farm: 

67k TCA                                    67.5k TCA 
MH + OI + EX + SJ + Honor Guard

The MDR is not computed based on the percentage multiplier.
Its only based on the following:
Tech + Jade + Equipment + Research + (Flag+)
Flag% and Formation% is not included.

For illustration. I use my Sun Jian as an example.
Black Fire mount: 14561
Black Fire study:  6750
Black Fire skill (level 27): 2510
Tech (Normal) : 3950
Tech (Super): 7500
Jade: 8464
Research: 6979
Flag+ : 3210
Flag%: 34%
Arrow form%: 24%
Sun Jian Buff: 15%
Zhugeliang Buff: 15%

Please note. The MDR is not computed based on any % with the exception of Sun Jian buff.
Sun Jian buff is special. It is an addition buff and not a pure % buff.
In short, I should term this buff as capacity buff for future reference in this blog as reference from Huayu
Ie. my total TCA above is computed as such

TCA = (14561+6750+2510+3950+7500+8464+6979+3210)*1.15
         = 53924 * 1.25
        = 62012 (2nd hit onwards)
However to really farm a hero, example Zhang Fei. Please use the value before buff. Ie. 53924 can win Zhang Fei but unable to farm him
As mentioned, the TCA from Arrow Form, Flag%, Zhugeliang is not added.

However, please take note that those Chinese forum which writes recommended damage does not include Sun Jian buff. Ie. my damage is actually 53924 instead. Which is 8000 TCA less than recommended TCA for God Guo Jia.

In short, training one hero might be better off training multiple heroes. And + multiplier is just very much important compared to % multiplier.

3. Prestige
Always aim to get Wei Yan at 4.3m prestige.
However do not stop invest and fortify until you get to the President level.
From then on, just fortify to maintain the prestige level.

The titles from 5 Star Gen. to President have an extra title bonus as well as the damage bonus/decrease. And starting from 6 Star Gen., Prestige will begin to decrease everyday.

4. Study
Study is opened once you reached level 121. Always remember to do the 5 divines available everyday
The following table shows the number of relics and honors required to study to level 27

Edit 29 May 2015

There is a new patch to increase study level from level 27 to level 36.

Skills for Study 36 is as follows
Weapon: Adds COM% (Gold: 30) 
Horse: Adds TCA% (30)
Book: Adds STA% (30)
Token: Adds Force (15000)
Satchet: Adds absolute attack + (2000)
Cape: Adds TCD% (30)
Armor: Adds DEF% (30)

Relics required:
Level RelicsGold Equipment Honors

5. Mass & Research
Mass and Research is opened once you reached level 121. 20 orders are given every day at 12am (GMT +8). This is not to be confused with the orders that you normally use.

Mass will look like this:

The Cao Cao image on the left with a golden frame is a mass within a mass. In short, we can call it a 121 mass.

For each heroes seen on the map, they will drop certain pages. These pages will combine to form various volumes later. The image below shows a typical drop of the hero Liu Bei

The cost of Challenge is free. Rush is 10 gold initially and will increase as you click more and more. Conquer  costs 100gold and will increase as it goes as well.
The cost for rushing and conquering are located : here

For more details, please click the Research tab
You can level up each of these volumes to the maximum of level 20.

6. Practice and Array
Practice and Array is available when your base reaches level 101
To make explanation easier, I start from explaining what Array is about.
Array is made out of 5 empty slots. At the start, only the Dragon slot is available. You can drag one hero to this array slot. All tactics/skills associated with the Dragon slot would be given to the hero. You can change another hero by replacing him with another hero.

After the Dragon slot reaches level 60, another Array would be opened (eg. Tiger). 
To upgrade an array level, you need to upgrade 4 basic skills. Once 4 basic skills is upgraded, the array level will auto upgrade. Clicking the upgrade button below will bring you to the tactics or skill page. The skills is described below

Like mentioned, you can add skills to the Array used. In the picture below, it shows that the Dragon array has 6 skill slots. Lets term these skills as basic skills (Huayu termed this as tactics). As shown in the picture, you can add ATK, TCA, STA, STD, TCD and DEF. To upgrade them, simply click the basic skill you want. Example ATK (As shown below). The highlighted green circle indicates the selected basic skill. Upgrade by clicking the upgrade button on the right. Upgrade 4 of these basic skills to increase the level of the array slot. The upgrade is automatic. 

Special skills are as such:
There are 12 special skills in total to choose from. Special skills are associated with the basic 6 skills you choose from. TCA, TCA%, STA, STA%, COM, COM%, Force, DEF% TCD% STD% FSP CRT
Please see the image above. I wasted 500 gold on the wrong TCA attack

To level all the stuff mentioned above, you need a thing called Practice. Practice gains Morale which comes in terms of Pride or Unit.  To makes things easier, you just remember Pride as Orange and Unit as Blue. Your concern is only about Pride. Pride is used to upgrade Array form. Unit is used to exchange Pride.

Everyday, you can use free inspire where it randomly increases the numbers as shown in the picture above. The max number is 20. You can click free inspire unlimited number of times until you are happy with the number of pride or unit.

You can collect these Pride and Unit with the Free Collection as shown in the bottom right corner.
The number of free collections is based on the following:

Level 101-109:       5 free collections
Level 110-119:       6 free collections
Level 120-129:       7 free collections
Level 130-139:       8 free collections
Level 140-149:       9 free collections
Level 150+:            10 free collections

1 key inspire would fully inspire every troop shown in the image (240 pride)

The image below shows the amount of Pride needed to increase Dragon array to level 60.
Please note, the maximum level is level 100 for each array. However every level 60 shall unlocked a new array.

Was updating the forum halfway but find it harder to locate the forum post. 
Hence I post here instead: 
Level 60 = 358
Level 61 = 370
Level 62 = 382
Level 63 = 394
Level 64 = 407
Level 65 = 420
Level 66 = 434
Level 67 = 448
Level 68 = 463
Level 69 = 478
Level 70 = 494
Level 71 = 510
Level 72 = 527
Level 73 = 544
Level 74 = 562
Level 75 = 580
Level 76 = 599
Level 77 = 618
Level 78 = 638
Level 79 = 659

Level 85 = 799 pride
Level 86 = 825 pride

Image below shows the requirement to level the Special Skills. (Note special skills is also tied to the Array level) 

The spreadsheet here for VIP players shows the amount of pride needed to upgrade base to level 60 based and the corresponding investment
Google Spreadsheet

7. Ally
Each day, you could get additional pride through the following feature.
The amount of pride is FIXED and as follows:

This Ally feature is enabled at the Practice screen
Once a person initiates Ally. Up to 7 persons MUST join in order to start.
It does not matter whether you created or join the Ally. Everyone gets the reward corresponding to their own level as stated on top.

The screen would look like this:
It will auto start once 7 people are available. You can initiate NPCs (non playing characters) if you do not have 7 ppl with Gold of course. Those that had taken part in Ally can help their friend take part as well for infinite number of times

The top left indicates the number of free tries. By default its one. 

An email notification would be shown above after completion

8. Peacock Pavilion 
The Peacock Pavilion system is opened once you reach level 30
You can access the feature in the new building here:

The first beauty opened will be Xiao Qiao. She is used to improve collection for silver.
In the picture it says improve levy silver +3000

To Know a beauty (ie. unlock the beauty) simply click on the "Req" button as shown in picture below represented by 结缘

You need 20 gold and level 30 to unlock her. Dun ask me why...

You can level up every girl. See the girl avatar on the left. It indicates the level of the beauty. It seems that for the silver bonus, it is activated by number of days with the expense of "charm". The activation is known as charm by Huayu. You need "Charm" to activate charm.
charm is represented by 开启x天 in picture below
Something like your 8 / 24hr training.
In picture belows, it shows that the player have 71 "charm" currently and can activate "1 day charm" at the expense of 50 "charms".
The image in the middle shows that Xiao Qiao experience improves +10 and drops "71 charm" after talk

You can talk 5 times a day for free.
Subsequently each talk is 2 gold for the next 5 times. Follow by 10 gold for the next 5.
You will get the following from talking to the girls:
1.  "Charm", Represented by the : "Heart"
2. Honors
3. Prestige
4. Jade coins, speedup orders etc etc..
 The image below shows her giving 10 experience and 89 SPO

Details on the charms required for the various girls are written here:

Cai Wen Ji:

Sun Shan Xiang:
Training basic improve 220
Speedup experience 13200

Diao Chan:
Reduce COM damage%
Reduce TCA damage %
Reduce STA damage %

Da Qiao:
Improve STA damage%
Improve COM damage %
Improve TCA damage %

9. Stones and Flags
This is extracted from the Chinese website. Its only for high level VIP players.
Computation from level 6 flags onwards:
Please note that synthesizing higher level flags are only 100% with 2 stones

Level 6 flag:
Requires 9 level 4 flags, 27 level 2 stones.
Total Gold = 9N + 150*27
100% = 9N + 2*150*27

Level 7 flag:
Require 27 level 4 flags, 81 level 2 stones
Total Gold = 27N + 81*150 .
100% = 27N + 2*150*81

Level 8 flag:
Require 81 level 4 flags, 243 level 2 stones
Total Gold = 81N + 243*150
100% = 81N + 2*243*150

10. Out of Silver? (Contributed by Pat)

Guys/Gals, running out of silver? When all hunting limit is up and dunno where to burn your order, can consider going to Jiang Dong hunt Shi Yi and Yan Yu for Taoist Robe or Phoenix, if lucky you can get, sell it you can get 12,052 silver which is more than 4 hour of small sm of size 240.

This is what i did when no KA to be hunt, and cannot push map on my clone.

1 more place good for getting silver, go to Beijiang "Wu Yan" if get "Lake Moon" can sell for 24866 silver

11. Development Notice
As I have mentioned in the forum. The development is capped at the current level +20.
See image below for self-explanatory reason:

12. Page Trading System

You can sell pages you do not like in this system.
White pages could be sold for 9 "Old scrolls"
Green pages could be sold for 18 "Old scrolls"
Blue pages for 27
Purple pages for 81

Buying pages takes slightly more:
White needs 10 "Old scrolls"
Green needs 20
Blue needs 30
Purple needs 90

13. Useful Reference Links

Here got levy answers, daily quest guide and 121 supermass explanation.


  1. Hi bro, could i get info for lv6 common attk + & %?, it is worth to get? in your N=? lv4 flag price?

  2. Yes. N = level 4 flag price.
    Should be +1407 and 28%
    Its worth to get

    1. If u are vip7, you can auto synth.
      Auto Synth is 100%
      From level 5 to level 6 ~ 19800 gold

  3. Replies
    1. Np. i updated the Bronze Sparrow Terrace thing. Name is subjected to be changed by Huayu

  4. hi bro, how is the new practice & array system affected the MDR calculation above?

    1. You can add the values from array into the computation. However, do not add the STA% value. The figure should be correct

  5. hi bro please post the google docs about MDR and red horse here. I saw it on forum but cant find it again. Tks and appreciate

    1. ooo u mean the one i put on forum?
      I dunno where i place it. Btw, that link to spreadsheet was for my own purpose to monitor my damage and fsp, not related to MDR lolx

  6. bro new, any suggest on array form? I'm playing com based damage, my first array is wy, second is emp, which hero should i put third? ZGL? thanx

    1. lol. I cannot suggest anything. Depends on you what you want. I use sta for 3rd and 4th array. 3rd array sta is because might swap for double healer or another attacker

  7. bro, If we study gold armor till lv 27. It will unlock counter (20% skill damage). What does that mean? I mean will my tca hero give 20% more damage if wears it? thanks

    1. Wah this is good. Thanks for the info bro. So after i study my horse to lv 27. Do you think i should study gold armor or red book 1st ?

    2. study book. because book can be used for healing as well

    3. thanks for the advice bro .. Appreciate it :)

  8. Oh, and 1 more thing bro. What volumes do i need to increase emperor healing? (Plot? Democracy? Mirror? Fact? etc). Thank you bro .. and sorry for asking too many question. I am new and very noob to this game

  9. Bro .. ppl with only 1 red book need to farm super guo jia or not? Put red book in sp guo jia, and purple book in emperor? Or pb for guo jia, and rb for emperor? zzz ,, i really confused. Thanks in advance bro

    1. I would say yes. Use red book on sgj during pvp and switch to emperor for heal in campaign. At least this is what I do previously

    2. I will follow your suggestion bro. Cause i'm already blur about what to do with my character. lol
      Thanks a lot bro

  10. Hi bro, how did you managed to reset your heroes attributes so high? Mine is struck at +100 using 2 gold. No matter how many times i click it just wont increase even at respawn level 148. Any tricks?

    1. See point 11. No tricks. Its not easy

  11. can I ask, how can you reset to +100, and how many golf you spend, I stuck in + 40 only

    1. Remember point 11. I suggest you try reseting only after your hero level is very high. I spent over 20k on reset alone on all heroes

    2. wow 20k gold sure i dont have that kind of gold :) im wondering if its possible to up with 30 gold a day, using 5gold or 2 gold tries... or do we have to use 20gold each time. coz my 20gold option isnt opened :)

    3. Personally, if dun have gold. try to level up and max up honors and use honors instead. Its better to do it one shot and waste some gold to see it up a little than u try a few times each and failed each time. This is my personal experience

      Some changes to attribute washing:

  12. If I am using TCA formation and my level is 170++, what kind of flags would you recommend to fill up all the 8 slots of flags?

    1. Try the following:

      Equip one defense flag. I recommend

      The other 3 largely depends on ur style
      I recommend the following if you are pure TCA attacker with a healer
      STA+ (for heal)

      If you have enough for a second attacker, if you are STA based
      skill rate

      The last 2 flags when u have 10 flags can choose defense or any flags u like :D

    2. Out of curiosity, why need Success flag? Isn't this flag is for STA form?

    3. For inspire. Starting when u use Super Zhang Jiao no need. But later when u use Old Immortal or Sun Xiang.super. Its better to equip to have higher success rate.
      STA one is called skill rate

    4. Thank you so much. You've explained yourself well.

      How about study? Assuming that my horse is max, all the essential equipment is at least level 9, should I continue to upgrade my gold armour to reach level 27 and download my gold weapon to level 9?

      Is cloak needed to study till level 18? Finally, it is a MUST to study EX red book to level 18? There are so many items I want to study but the relic is too little. What equipment would you suggest to study from now onwards?

    5. This is my preference if I have only 1 TCA main.
      In terms of relics:
      1) Make horse level 27
      2) Make all cape,horse and armor level 9
      3) Make book level 27 (Healer /STA)
      4) Make book level 27 (Healer2/STA)
      5) Make armor level 27
      6) Make book level 27 (Healer)

  13. Thank you so much. Finally, is it a must to have 2 healers?

    1. Nope. Where got must to have such concept

  14. What is the difference between STR Skill Rate and Success Rate flag?

    1. Skill rate is for STA attack (Strategy attack - blue bar), So that they will not miss.
      Success rate is for inspire morale, so that the inspire can successfully inspire the TCA hero.

  15. Hi.. Need help in some questions.
    1) What should be the RS level for heroes if I want them to be level 200 and perfect level 80 at the same time?
    2) You mentioned that resetting attributes will be better when hero level is very high. So the most ideal will be resetting when he is level 200? Will 5 gold each time to reset be sufficient?
    3) I want to farm SHG to be my COM ATK hero. Which map is he at? If I am a pure TCA player, what is the MDR?

    Thanks in advance bro.

    1. I think this blogspot has problem.
      I previously replied.

      1) 150 next respawn
      2) Yes. Yes for 5 gold. 10 gold is faster to get the increase. The increased number also depends. (eg. honors = 1~3, 10 gold is 1~10)
      3) Burning Red Cliff. I am not sure of the MDR now. But level 6 flag for both TCA and array 95 above, mostly purple+blue+green fate pages should enough to clear. U probably need a heal close to 20k

    2. Thanks a lot bro. It is always nice to have people spreading their knowledge to others. :)

    3. What's your server and ign btw?
      Just curious about the Anonymous people

    4. Sorry for the late reply.. I am ALT s76 Wu.. Wuhahahaha..